Welcome to E PENH Co.,Ltd

We are an ICT company based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and part of E Smart Group which has offices and associates in Canada, USA, India, United Arab Emirates and South Africa. Our group and partners have over 200 employees and provided services to over 3,000 clients since 1996. We now have over 18 years of experience in providing ICT services to various international client and have been in the forefront of technology development in various areas of Software Development, Portal Development and Software Solutions.


To provide the best quality product and services in ICT based upon our client key business requirements. We strive to develop a superior state-of-the-art technology, innovation, leadership and partnerships. We will keep on top of today’s and tomorrow’s technology, no matter how fast it moves, to ensure our customers always have the best tools available to them.


Our vision is to be the market leader in innovative technologies empowered by our young dynamic team to meet the present and future requirement of ICT (Information Communication Technology) Solutions.


  • Ideal for startup
  • Risk Sharing
  • Save Capital/Costs
  • Win-Win Relationships
  • Explore more growth opportunities
We will do whatever it takes to make you – our customer successful, by delivering you and your clients the right application or MIS (Management Information Solution) that optimizes your resources and results in higher productivity including customer service which enable your business to succeed and be highly competitive. We will be with you all the way to achieve your (BPS) Business Process Solutions.

Our Projects

News and tips about our product.

Mekong View Tower Apartment and Hotel

We had implementation eZee FrontDesk (Hotel PMS) at Mekong View Tower 1,2 and Hotel over 200 rooms with eZee Burrp (Point of Sale) for Sky Bar,...

Pho Cali

We had implementation eZee Burrp (Point of Sale) at Pho Cali franchise brand around 16 outlets in Phnom Penh and 1 outlet in Siem Reap. Thanks for...

Veranda Natural Resort

Veranda Natural resort is a 5 star resort base on the great mountain of Kep City, Cambodia. This 5 star resort have 3 properties and each property...